June 25, 2021 -

9 Creative Ways To Store Your Belongings

We all have that one space in our homes that is just not big enough to store everything we need. The garage, attic, or spare room are often cluttered with items and it can be difficult to find the item you’re looking for. Here are 9 creative ideas on how to organize your belongings so they will fit in a small space and stay organized.

1.Separate Your Items

Household items in one area and tools in another. Tools are often strewn about the space looking for a home without much success, which is why they should be put into their own designated location free from other things that might cause them to get lost or misplaced. Keep these areas organized by labeling bins with what each contains inside so it’s easy to identify where an item belongs when you’re ready to find it again. The labels could say “kitchen,” “bathroom” etcetera according to its contents.

2.Install Hooks

Hooks are a great way to keep your belongings off the floor and out of other people’s way. Hang coats, purses, or backpacks from hooks that can be mounted on walls near entrances so they’re always at the ready when you come home from work or head outside in search of adventure. It’s also a good idea to install hooks higher up where possible so they don’t get too full with things like shoes which take more room than say clothes hangers.


3.Liquids First

The one thing every tiny space should have is storage containers for liquids such as shampoo, dish soap etcetera. Glass jars (with lids) are perfect for these items and make it easy to see and find what you need without taking up too much space in the cupboard.

Liquids First

4.Use Cabinets

Many houses have a lot of small cabinets just sitting there unused because they’re so tiny that most people don’t have enough belongings to fill them. They can be used very creatively though! Hang kitchen utensils from pot racks found at your local home improvement store or use one as an office supply cabinet, it’s perfect for pens, paper clips etcetera which might otherwise get lost on your desk. You could also install shelves inside old cabinetry to create more storage space if needed.

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5.Hanging Baskets/Storage Boxes

If you prefer not having things out in plain sight but still want to keep your belongings organized, use baskets or storage boxes. They can be hung on the back of a door and will stay out of the way until you need them. If not mounted to the wall, they are also easy to slide under beds for extra storage space in small bedrooms.

Hanging Baskets

6.Utilize Space Under Furniture

A lot of people don’t think about looking underneath furniture when it comes to storing things but there is often lots of unused space that could be used as more shelving units! For example, if you have an area rug with some padding beneath it then chances are there’s space below where you’re sitting all day long – perfect for school supplies like books and notebooks! The same applies to couches too.

Utilize Space Under Furniture

7.Under-Sink Storage

An often overlooked place for storage is inside your cabinet doors beneath the sink. It’s an easy way to store items like cleaning supplies and toiletries without having a cluttered countertop or bathroom floor space. Just mount hooks on the door at varying heights so that everything can hang from there – no more messy mess all over the place!

8.Use Hidden Spaces Around The House

It may not seem obvious but there are lots of hidden spaces in your home that you can use for storage. Places like the garden, a spare bedroom, or even under-sink cupboard space might be good candidates for storing things that are not used often but need to stay out of sight and still close by.

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9.Use Self Storages

Self Storage Ipswich spaces are often a good option for long-term items that you don’t use daily. They’re easy to find and afford, plus they will store your things no matter how big or small the item is!

In conclusion

These six creative ways to store belongings in limited space should be helpful as we all struggle with finding a place to put our stuff. Think outside of the box when trying to organize cluttered areas there’s always an answer somewhere close by if we just look hard enough! contact us today if you want to store these items securely in your own affordable self storage unit in Ipswich.

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