June 25, 2021 -

11 Examples Of Amazing Storage Ingenuity

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at 11 inspiring examples of amazing storage ingenuity from homeowners. We hope these ideas will inspire you to get creative with what you already have on hand in your own home in Ipswich! Look no further than these ingenious ideas to help declutter your space and make it more functional!

  • Wall Mounted Shelving System

One of the simplest and most popular storage ideas is to build a wall-mounted shelving system. This idea has been popular for decades, but homeowners are getting creative with what they use to hang their items on the wall! We love this brilliant example where they used hanging baskets that look like plants as shelves, really cool!

Mounted Shelving System

  • Storing a Little Higher

With so many wires these days it can be hard to keep your desk or work area tidy. Try storing them up high using an overhead wire hanger in a corner of your room, such as by a window or under some kitchen cabinets. You will feel much better about working because you’re not constantly looking at those cords draped across your space. we know how chaotic it can be to find the perfect storage for your belongings whether it’s clothes, shoes, or kitchenware! Here are some clever ideas that will help you make space in your home and declutter.

  • Desk as Storage

This is a brilliant example of using a desk as amazing storage. It’s simple but functional and space-saving! There are many ways to make your own clever organizing solutions on the cheap you just have to get creative with what you already have. One was made by stacking two file cabinets on top of each other and attaching them at the back.

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  • Use Large Bins

We love this idea for storing those pesky kids’ toys: use large bins that can be closed like drawers under their bed so they’re out of sight! You may also want to include labels or dividers in these trays if necessary. We think it would work well for Lego sets too, any small items that need some organization could benefit from this type of storage.

  • Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Another clever idea we want to share is using a wall-mounted cabinet as an entryway organizer. This one was created by the experts at IKEA for their own home, and it’s pretty genius! It utilizes vertical space to keep things like shoes or scarves off the floor while still being easily accessible.

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  • Old Wine Crates

We love this clever storage solution that uses old wine crates to create open shelving in an unused space. The white paint makes everything pop and adds just enough color without taking away from other elements in their room. Be sure to measure your wall before picking any type of shelf unit because they’re not all created equal!

  • Tension Rod 

This clever idea uses a tension rod to create an easy hanging storage solution for things like hand towels and robes. It’s perfect because it utilizes vertical space that would otherwise go unused, freeing up more room in your closet or linen cabinet.

  • IKEA Boxes

One ingenious way people store their holiday decorations is using IKEA boxes! They’re functional yet still stylish so you can store anything in them. These boxes also make it easy to store and see all your holiday items at a glance so you can be ready for the next holiday.

Self Storage

  • Bottom of Pantry

The bottom of your pantry can be an excellent place to store non-perishable items that don’t require much temperature control like canned goods or pasta. By utilizing this wasted vertical space, you free up tons of horizontal surface area so there will be room for everything else on your shelves!

  • Self Storage Units

Ipswich Self Storage offers storage units for many different uses, but one clever use they’ve found is a place to store unfinished DIY projects. It’s perfect if you’re the crafty type and need a little more space in your garage!

clean garage

  • Shoe Organisers

Another way people are clever with Amazing storage is by using shoe organizers! This one, in particular, was made from an old suitcase, which gives it a nice rustic look that matches their decor. To make sure they don’t look too bulky, they placed them in the back of their walk-in closet.

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