May 19, 2021 -

5 Cheap And Easy DIY Tips To Help You Declutter Your Home

When you think about the benefits of decluttering your home, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s a feeling of peace and calmness, then you’re not alone. There are many reasons why people want to clean up their homes – from creating more space for guests or new furniture to getting ready for an upcoming move. Regardless of the reason, decluttering can be difficult when there seems like so much stuff everywhere. This article will provide 5 easy DIY tips on how you can start to declutter Your Home!

Tips on Decluttering Your Home

1. Declutter one room at a time

This can be easier for people who are just starting out with decluttering, or those who have specific areas of their home that need work. For example, if you want to tackle the family room this weekend and don’t know where to start, try going through your DVDs first when to decide to declutter Your home. Find movies you haven’t seen in a while and make space by boxing up any ones which aren’t worth watching again (or better yet, donate them!). That way when it’s time for movie night everyone has something new to watch!

2. Dumpster Diving

Dumbster Diving - Declutter Your Home

Dumpster diving is another cheap option for getting rid of unwanted items. If you contact your local waste management company they will usually provide free rates on dumpsters so long as you are a resident of the area. You can also find them at construction sites, so don’t be afraid to ask when you decide to declutter your home!

3. Reselling Old Items

Reselling Old Items - Declutter Your Home

Have you ever considered reselling old items when you decide to declutter your home? Thrift stores like Goodwill and other second hand retailers offer new life for many products that would otherwise end up in landfill or recycling – not to mention their prices are usually lower than buying brand-new things too!

4. Take Inventory Of What You Have

Declutter your home by taking inventory of what you have. Make piles or categories for each room and don’t forget to include the attic, basement, hallways, etc., in order to make sure nothing gets missed. Once that’s done, categorize items based on their function (kitchen tools vs living room furniture) so you can start sorting out who needs it most with less effort and more efficiency. It feels good when things are clean and organized – not to mention making decluttering fun will help move faster because there won’t be any distractions.

5. Self Storage Units

self storage unit

If you’re on a tight budget then this one is perfect for you. Self Storage units in Ipswich are a low-cost option for organizing your home. They come in all shapes and sizes, which means you can find one to fit whatever space is available without straining the budget. Self Storage Units in Ipswich are typically more of a seasonal option, but can be used year-round in some cases.

Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind :

  • Tip: Make sure you have everything on hand before starting organizing a room. For example, make a pile for items that should be donated or thrown away and another pile of things to keep in the space. It will help reduce going back and forth.
  • Tip: Give yourself time when you decide to declutter your home as it can take longer than anticipated but working through one section at a time is more manageable, so you’ll feel accomplished sooner!
  • Tip: If there are certain areas that need extra attention then give them their own designated day or evening just like decluttering your diet where every night has its food group – e.g., veggies for dinner, fruit for breakfast, etc.
  • Tip: When storing clothing consider using clear storage containers with labels to make things easier to find.
  • Tip: Keep a list of what you store in each container, so it’s easy to tell where something is without having to dig through everything.


Decluttering your home doesn’t always have to be expensive and most importantly it feels good to conquer clutter! Hope this article has shown you that getting started with decluttering your home can be easy and fun. So follow the tips in this article and get started decluttering today!

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