May 17, 2021 -

Seven Ways A Storage Unit Can Make Your Life Easier

Living in a cramped apartment or small home can make it tough to find space for all your belongings. It might seem like the only solution is to downsize and move into a smaller place, but that’s not always an option. There are other ways you can free up some space without giving up your current living situation, one of them being renting a storage unit! Here are seven ways renting a self storage unit in Ipswich can actually make your life easier:

1. Store Extra Furniture

You can store things from your home that you don’t want to give up, but don’t have room for in a small space. This includes extra furniture or holiday decorations.

extra furniture

2. Affordable Option

2. It’s an affordable option if you only need storage on occasion such as while waiting to move into a new place, and it allows you to stay where you are without going through the hassle of moving everything yourself.

moving in

3. Safety

3. If safety is a concern, storing items outside your home may also be safer than keeping them right inside with easy access for thieves (depending on what type of unit you rent). The cost will vary based on size and location, but here’s one example: A 12×20′ indoor heated climate-controlled facility in Sydney is $525 a month.


4. Declutter Your Home

4. It’s also helpful if you want to declutter your home but don’t have the time or energy for an attic, garage and basement clean-out yourself. That would cost upwards of about $500-$1000 depending on how much space you need. Renting a storage unit allows you to take things one trip at a time until it’s all gone!


5. Different Sizes

5. There are many types and sizes available – from mobile units that make it easy to store items in any location, up through large warehouse spaces with high ceilings where nearly anything can be stored safely (depending on the size). So no matter what type of storage needs your household may have, there is likely something out there that will work for you.

self storage unit

6. Store Seasonal Items

6. Advantages of a storage unit: You can keep your belongings at anytime, not just when it’s clean out time, It helps declutter and organize things in your home (and if you’re renting for the long term) allows you to store seasonal items or other non-essential household goods that would otherwise take up valuable space all year round!

7. Easy Rental

7. Renting is convenient as well because many facilities offer online payment options with easy access via key fob They also provide convenience services such as wardrobe boxes to help pack large clothing items; onsite truck rentals so that loading and unloading becomes easier than ever before; secure parking and more.


Storage unites in Ipswich are a fantastic solution to housing problems. They can also help you in other ways such as providing a convenient way to store the items you don’t often use, or even storing your seasonal goods that are taking up space in your home. Hope this blog helped you see that a storage unit can make your life easier, and maybe you’ll consider renting one in the future.

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