April 30, 2021 -

Pros and cons of using a cheap storage unit rental

You can’t travel more than just a block or two in many of these urban areas these days without coming across a public storage facility. People are moving from place to place within the same area to save money on housing, and storage units are now becoming increasingly common. Everyone has an opinion and a unique perspective to share about how much to invest in a storage facility, but before you conclude with a decision, consider this list of pros and cons of renting a cheap self-storage unit to make the right judgment for your situation and needs.


1. Easily accessible

storage unit

You can get to your possessions at whatever point you need to with a key code and a key. In this way, even though you live in a tiny apartment with no storage room, it’s like owning your very own basement or garage. Shelving units and large tubs will help you stay organized so that it is still possible.

2. You can rent it forever!

self storage unit

Since it is not so expensive you can rent it forever, and you could also be eligible for a discount if you sign a long-term rental agreement. That means you won’t have to transfer your belongings out of one home to another every time you relocate and also escape from worrying about your precious belongings.

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3. Safety


Protected warehouses are generally consistent and reliable in regard to keeping your stuff safe from theft, pests, and getting misplaced, so you can be assured that it will remain as you left it.  Many Storage facilities now also provide insurance so that you are well backed up in case of any unfortunate event. 


1. Can’t keep tabs

keeping tabs

While you’re going far away, leaving your things in a room where you can’t keep tabs on them can be unsettling. Surveillance cameras are standard in the top storage facilities, but inquire as to how they manage unit security and burglary prevention. Cheap storage facilities are not equipped with monitoring cameras. So, this part of the equation would be risky for you unless you find an alternative for it such as hire a person to pay a visit to your warehouse every 3 to 4 days.

2. Not so hassle free

hassle free

If you remember you need anything which you forgot, you’ll have to go to the storage unit or take a friend who can help you find your belongings. This can take some time, energy, money, and the aggravation of going through your boxes.

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3. Cheap rental storage? No temperature controls

temprature control

Only if you choose a storage facility with temperature control feature, which is considerably more expensive, your belongings will be exposed to the cold and heat during the year. This may be difficult for those kinds of objects that expand and contract with temperature, so if you have some sensitive materials you want to leave behind, this is perhaps not the best choice.


If you are planning to use your storage facility for a very short term, then a little inexpensive one would be no harm and  it may be appropriate for you; however, if you need a storage unit for a longer period of time, you may need to consider some of the factors discussed in this article. Contact us at Instant Self Storage to learn more about our self storage options.

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