April 30, 2021 -

How to Prepare Photos for Long Term Storage

There could be several personal reasons to save photos in the storage unit for a long time. Do you also want to store your old family pictures for generations to come, but you don’t know what measures you should take to keep them safe? If yes, you are at the right place. This article is going to show you the best way to prepare your memories for long-term storage. 

There is no need to worry but make sure you do it right, so you don’t have to worry about losing your memories even after the years.

Choosing the suitable container for the photos

storing photos

The container you will use for storing your pictures for the long term should be water and chemical resistant in the first place. Secondly, it should have delicate but stiff dividers to separate the print. Thirdly, it should be sealed to protect from extra atmospheric and unexpected conditions.

Organizing the photos in boxes/envelopes:

If you want to store the photos for a real long time, just stuffing the photos in a box would not be enough. Following are the key things to keep in mind for organizing the photos in the box:

  • Make sure the surface of your box is flat. Otherwise, it is none of use. 
  • Find the right length and width of the box, so you don’t cram pictures and damage them in your own hands.
  • Fill the box enough, not over, not less than enough. Overfilling will result in damaging the pictures, and less filling will shift in transport.  If you have extra space left in the box, fill it with non-acidic tissues.
  • If you have a ton of boxes, and they are consuming a lot of space, try contacting a self storage unit in Ipswich.
  • Make sure whatever material (dividers/tissues) you use with your picture is non-acidic. It would save pictures from damage, and you would not have to peel them apart if they come in contact with each other. Even a sheet of paper would be good to separate the pictures. The stiffer, the better.

Tips for preparing photo-album for the storage

photo album for long term storage
  • Select the album carefully, thinking of moths and cloth-eating pests. 
  • You should select an album that has acid-free sleeves, sheet protectors, and, most importantly, safety corners for the pictures. 
  • It will help if you use the same rule for the album you used for organizing the pictures in the box. The album should not be oversized, and pictures should not feel like flying around. Arrange the right size. 
  • Make sure you have not used any adhesive material. Adhesives have the ability to destroy the quality of printed pictures. 
  • Overstuffing the album with pictures can make the pages fall out of it.

Before doing everything,

Before doing everything, you need to make a backup of your pictures. Convert the pictures into digital and make your mind not panic if you lose them. The professional restorers in Ipswich also store the pictures in high-quality digital copies to make your memories even safer.

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