April 30, 2021 -

How to Declutter Your Garage this Autumn?

Do you also have a garage, where one can find clutter but not cars? Do you want to declutter but don’t know where to start and what to do at first because this is going to take a considerable amount of your time?  If yes, grab your coffee and concentrate on the steps below. By the end of this article, you will have a mind map that will tell you what to do and where to start when you start to declutter your garage.

Divide And Play With Clutter

garage mess

First of all, make your mind that it is not a burden. It is going to look like a game if you divide tasks among your family members. Let the kids involved, too, give them little tasks and make it fun. Make three categories, keep, donate/sell, and throw away. If you cannot decide which category a thing should go, ask yourself the questions like following.

  • Does any member use it regularly? 
  • Has this thing been in use in the past six or seven months, or maybe a year? (if no, consider donating, selling, or throwing away depending on what type of thing it is)
  • Are we going to use it in the future? (if no, consider donating, selling, or throwing away depending on what type of thing it is)
  • Do we need to keep both items of the same type? (in this case, consider keeping the latest one)
  • Should I rent a self storage unit?

In no time, you will probably have all the answers that will help you to declutter your garage in less time. 

Manage Toxic Materials

If you have toxic or chemical things in your garage, it is time to say goodbye to them. These things could be old paints, fertilizers, chemical sprays, detergents, batteries, and waste oils. These could harm any member of your family, most probably any kid. Another big reason to get rid of these things is you are not likely to use them all anyways in the future. You may have saved it with this point of view like we will paint that thing with this color, but when the time to paint will come, you may have changed your mind.

Organize it for Rest of Your Life Mindset

Now when you have only those things that you want to keep, start organizing them. You will probably don’t have time to do it again and again, so organize the garage in a way you can use the most frequently used items without any hustle. Place the vocational stuff on upper shelves. Arrange heavy items smartly, so they can use less space, and you can use your garage for its original purpose, parking cars.

Try to Keep it Clutter-Free

clean garage

Owning some extra space by decluttering your garage will give you unexpected peace. Though a thing to remember is, decluttering was not a one-time thing, you have to keep the settings you have made during the process. It will save you time, and you will be able to find things where you put them. Imagine putting all the stuff back to its place after using, where you took it from, no clutter at all for the next time. You can live happily ever after. If you have a ton of extra stuff that needs a secure place, you can contact us at Instant Self Storage and rent a self storage unit.

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