April 28, 2021 -

4 Best Real Estate Agents in Springfield Lake

Moving in and out of a property can be stressful, but things can become really smooth if you know a good realtor. This post will help you find the best real estate Springfield Lake agents, so read till the end.

Best Real Estate Agents in Springfield Lake:

Tracey Caruana:

If you are searching for someone who knows the area, its average prices, and can get you the best possible deal on your real estate property, Tracey is your go-to agent. She is extremely knowledgeable, very thorough, and honest in her dealings with clients.

Till now, she has sold 21 properties in the area with an average price of$496k, earning her the top spot among the best real estate Springfield Lake agents. She is definitely among the cream agents of the area.

Kristian Samuels:

His clients rave about him on the internet because of various reasons. Firstly, he is very knowledgeable about the Springfield Lake market, so his clients are always presented with great opportunities.

Secondly, Kristian is a proactive agent that goes above and beyond to seal the deal before anyone else can sweep in with a better offer to your potential buyers. With over $462k in the average selling price in Springfield, Tristan can be trusted with your immediate real estate needs.

Kurt Cockburn:

Want to work with someone enthusiastic, hardworking, and professional? Kurt is your go-to guy. He can make the lengthy real estate selling and buying processes so seamless that you’ll feel like walking in a park. He is dedicated and honest in his dealings; both are the solid ingredients for a valuable real estate agent.

Her specialties lie in buying, selling, and renting residential properties and has a total sales value of $21.7 million.

Richard Bolton:

With over 7 properties sold in just Springfield Lakes at an average price of $432k each, Richard is someone that gets the deals done with great profits for his clients. He is an enthusiastic guy with a great grip on coming up with solid marketing plans for the fast selling of properties without compromising on the price.

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