April 2, 2021 -

How Much Does A Self Storage Unit Cost?

Numerous factors contribute to the prices offered by any self-storage location. As there is no fixed price concerning the self-storage units, one can accordingly decide which self-storage unit suits their needs and budget. Recently, the rent costs of these storage units have decreased drastically due to the opening of the new storage facilities in nearby areas.

According to various surveys, the monthly rental cost of a self-storage unit is $89.12. The average monthly rental value may vary depending on the location in Brookwater, features, types and size of the self-storage unit.  Some important factors that contribute to the self-storage unit are mentioned below.



The location of the storage facility majorly decides the rent you’ll pay for the unit. Usually, the closer your storage vicinity is to the main city centre the more it’ll tend to cost. This is due to the increased consumer demand inside the city and its suburban centers.

Unit Size

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Self Storage unit in Brookwater have various size units available. These sizes range from compact personal lockers to huge warehouse-type units. The price of each storage unit depends on its dimensions according to square foot (sq. ft). Usually, a bigger unit costs comparatively less per square foot however, it is quite understandable that smaller spaces are less costly.

To calculate the cost per square foot of your storage area, just multiply the size of the unit (10×10=100) to get the absolute area. Now, divide the value by the monthly rent by the total area in square foot. This yields the cost per square foot and can be a helpful method to ensure you’re not being charged more than you ought to for a bigger estimated unit.

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Climate And Temperature Control

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There is no doubt about the fact that climate control guarantees better protection of your stored possessions, as the humidity levels and temperature are regulated all the time. 

There are a few additional costs that must be catered prior to the installation and maintenance of these systems hence it is clear that a climate and environment-controlled storage area is likely to cost more.

If your stored items do not require any careful climate regulation, you can always opt out of it to save yourself some money.  However, in case your valuable items are supposed to be stored for a long period of time, it is strongly recommended to store them in a climate-controlled storage vicinity. 

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The Time of Year

The time of the year when you decide to rent a self-storage unit also plays an important part in determining its rental cost. For example, in most areas, the costs are fairly higher from May to September as compared to the rest of the year. 

The reason behind this may also vary from one region to another, but usually, it is because of the sharp increase in demand for the storage units because of shifting and other domestic reasons. Consequently, the store owners tend to increase the prices of their inventory. Hence, renting a storage unit off-season is much cheaper than during the peak season. You can contact us at Instant Space Self Storage to know more about a storage unit.

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