Instant Space Self Storage in RedBank Plains

Affordable Redbank Plains Self storage units

Instant Space Self Storage has been designed for easy access, with the highest level of security.  There is no storage needs too small or too large that we cannot handle.

Our highest priority is 100% security of your goods, we can store anything from small personal items to a full house for any length of time.  Stay for a month or as long as you need.

Instant Space Self Storage is the closest Storage Facility to areas such as Redbank Plains, Augustine Heights, Springfield Lakes, Forest Lake, Springfield, Redbank, Collingwood Park, Camira, Bellbird Park, Gails, Wacol, Bundamba, Goodna, Brookwater and close to Ipswich.

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    john sith
    john sith
    05:09 17 Nov 20
    I found Instant Space Self Storage to be a very clean building, secure, but should be if you have your belongings in trusted with the Storage you should be able to go there 24 hours as long as you have a code to open the gate and roller door. This would make it easier for people who don’t live in Brisbane but have things stored, not having to spend a night in Brisbane. I found Jenny to be a considerate lady that is there to help. Cheers Steve
    Daniel SLattery
    Daniel SLattery
    07:02 04 Nov 20
    Awesome price and plenty of turn around space .Staff ‘Jenny ‘ always polite and happy to greet me .Would recommend them to anyone who needs storage .Hours could be increased tho as working 2 jobs and volunteer work dose chew into my time .
    David Hawkes
    David Hawkes
    07:10 09 Oct 20
    Very secure, excellent facilities, competitive prices. The manager is extremely helpful. I’ve been incredibly happy using this service. Highly recommended!


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    Our mission

    To provide a safe and affordable Self Storage solution for the local community

    Our Vision

    To maintain the most Secure Self Storage while providing 5 Star Service.


    Yes, all of our sheds are 100% waterproof, they are also all insulated to keep your goods in perfect condition. We have the best storage units in Redbank Plains and storage near me.

    We have a trailer which is free for all new customers moving in. If you need this to move out contact our staff to check the rates for either half day or full day and it’s availability.

    Unlike many other storage places, we do not have any hidden fees. There are no admin fees or initial set up fees. Simply pay for your first month and move right on in.

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    Instant Space is Redbank Plains Best Self Storage

    More Faq's

    A 3×2 meter storage unit at Instant Space Self Storage would comfortably fit the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment. When you look at your basic 2 bedroom apartment furniture such as, couch, bedroom table, fridge and entertainment unit.
    On the plus side, at Instant Space Self Storage you not only have full use of the floor space in the storage unit, but the entire cubic space from floor to ceiling.

    If you are looking for a storage unit near Redbank Plains the give us a call and one of our friendly team will be able to help.

    Depending on the amount of goods you want to store in self storage will depend on what it will cost for you.  If you need to store a house full of furniture you will need a larger space such as a 6X3m storage unit.  Always keep in mind that each storage unit at Instant Space Self Storage is also 3m high so there is plenty of room to stack your boxes.


    At Instant Space Self Storage we have storage units designed to hold everything from a small shed where you can stack a few boxes to a large storage unit for a 5 bedroom house.

    How Much can I store in a 5X10 Storage Unit?


    This size storage unit would be classed as a large store unit and is big enough to hold an 8 Bedroom House or big enough for a business to store their goods.


    Furnishings, equipment, white goods, ride on lawn mowers you name it would most likely fit into a storage unit 5×10 meters at Instant Space Self Storage.

    When you look at using a  storage unit keep in mind that they are calculated not just on the floor space but also cubic space. So not only do you have the use of the floor space but the entire space from floor to ceiling.


    If you are a business and you have some larger goods or machinery then this would also be a good size for you.  When you are looking at this size, think of a large size double garage and this is the size of a 5X10 Storage Unit.

    If you are looking for a safe and secure Self Storage there are many different aspects that you need to look for.  Many people overlook this and this could potential create some issues in the future for them.  At Instant Space Self Storage all our units and facilities are very safe.  All customers have their unique pass code to gain access to their storage unit.  Our facility also closes from 6.30pm to 6.30am where access is closed. 

    In general Self Storage Units are very safe as they all have the customers individual lock on their unit and non one else has access to this, plus no one else has access to their unique pass code for entry.

    At Instant Space Self Storage we also have 24/7 security with over 12 cameras capturing all movement and access.  These cameras, are situated all throughout the facility, from the front gate, reception through to all the walkways and goods hoist.

    With the most advanced programs, our systems know when someone enters our storage facility, how long they were there for and when they exited.  All information is kept on a secure file for ever keeping our facility in Redbank Plains the most secure Self Storage in the Redbank area.

    All our spaces are indoors, with the only access via your secure pin code, this adds a tremendous amount of security for our customers.  Many other facilities have spaces where you can drive up to them and it is pretty simple to cut their lock.  We have removed this potential issue and we have designed our Storage Centre with having the highest level of security.

    If you are looking for self storage in Brisbane, the price can vary depending on the size of storage unit you are after.  If you have only have a small amount of goods that need storing then you will only need a cheap self storage unit.  At Instant Space Self Storage we can accommodate storage needs from a small cupboard to a full house of personal household storage.


    If you are looking for a storage unit near Redbank Plains the give us a call at Instant Space Self Storage and one of our friendly team will be able to help.

    Augustine Heights, Booval, Wacol, Brookwater, Ipswich, Camira.

    At Instant Pace Self Storage we make using a Storage Unit easy and cheap.  Using Self Storage works when you have excess goods you want to keep, so you rent a secure storage space and you utilise this to hold your goods. 


    It is a very easy process and in many cases you can access your storage unit when you need to use your goods.  At Instant Space Self Storage in Redbank Plains we also have a very secure self storage complex so your storage unit is easy to access with the highest security.


    When you are looking to store some of your goods, you have the option of different sizes storage units.  We range from small storage units that hold the equivalent of a cupboard to large units that will hold an entire house.


    Have cheap self storage near me is great as it can be used for a short term solution or you can store your goods for years.  Our agreements are in 1 month terms, so stay for 1 month or as long as you need.

    At Instant Space Self Storage in Redbank Plains we have many different size storage units to accommodate all your storage needs.  We have put  ab it of a list down so when you are looking to store you have an idea of what sized storage shed you are looking for.


    Our Self Storage units come in a whole range of sizes starting from a small 1m X 1m unit and increase in size to our largest unit which is a 6m X 3m unit.  The benefit of having the different sizes is that you will only be paying for the size that you need.  If you have only a small amount of goods you need storing then you will be paying less on a monthly basis than someone who has an entire house to store.


    If you have a business and you need to store goods then this is also very common.  At Instant Space Self Storage we have many businesses who store their goods and even some of them common here daily to pick up materials for the day.  We also offer a managed service so if you have goods being delivered we can manage these deliveries so you don’t even need to be here.  There is a small cost to this however it is very cheap and saves you considerable amount of time.


    Some different storage sizes:

    1m X 1m – This size holds around 25 boxes, and is great if you need to clean up the garage or make some space in the house.

    1.5m X 3m – This is a great size if you have a 1 bedroom apartment.  It is long enough to hold a bed and some bigger furniture, as well as boxes.

    3m X 3m – This is one of our most popular sized Storage units.  This fits a 2 Bedroom house or a small 3 bedroom house.

    3m X 5m – If you are looking for a larger space then this unit will hold a 3-4 Bedroom house.

    3m X 6m – This size is brilliant if you have a large 4 bedroom house or need to store a car.

    Each of our units are 3 meters high so what ever size you choose then you can stack the units quite high, maximising the space that you have.

    Free Trailer Available For Move In - Call Us Now